Steven Jon Nichols


A Confident, charismatic actor that lights up the room with his bewitching smile. He’ll humbly captivates you with his enthusiasm and passion for his craft. He feels blessed to work on amazing film projects, in stunning locations, with inspiring scene partners and awesome directors.

"I first met Steve on the set of a Bollywood feature titled "Keep It Simple Stupid". Upon meeting him I was instantly impressed with his positive energy and professionalism he brought to the set. From that moment on I knew I wanted to work with him again. Seven years later that chance presented itself with Steve taking the helm as casting director for my first film "Redress." Steve has now cast three of my projects and I couldn't be happier. I give Steve Nichols (Steven Jon Nichols) my highest recommendation."

Jayson Johnson


Shpresa Nela-Manager  +1 (631) 478-5690

Shpresa Nela-Manager

+1 (631) 478-5690